5 Things that Help when Travelling with Pets

Travelling opens up your world and gives you the opportunity to enjoy a new perspective on life.

Whether you travel for business or enjoy checking out new places while on holiday, one of the biggest concerns you may have is what to do with your pets. Sure, you could send them to a boarding kennel or hire a pet sitter, but that can be just as disruptive to your pet’s routine as taking them with you, if not more.

Many pets dislike being away from their human companions for long, and leaving them behind feels wrong when they are like a member of your family. Fortunately, travelling with pets is completely possible and easier when you know how to keep your dog or cat calm.

Plan Ahead for Travelling with Pets

If you are wondering about how to travel with pets, there are some helpful things to know. To start with, whether you are travelling by plane or car, you’ll want to make sure that you have food and water available to keep them nourished.

Your pet might also need some comfort items, such as a blanket from home, to help them feel calm.

If you have control over your itinerary, then make sure to take frequent breaks. Planning a few extra stops on a road trip is worth it so your pet can have a snack and go potty. If you are flying, then build time into your schedule to let your pet use the restroom and eat before the final boarding call.

You’ll also want to make sure that your pet is wearing identification tags on their collar, even if they are microchipped. Adding a tag with information about your destination also helps someone to track you down faster if you are far from home.

If you can, consider bringing along a human travelling companion. This gives you someone to watch over your pet while you run to the restroom or take a quick break. An extra set of eyes is beneficial anytime you are in large crowds in an unfamiliar area.

Try Using CBD for Pets

Some pets become extremely anxious when they are put in a car, plane or train. Your pet might have travel anxiety if they exhibit signs of stress that include barking, pacing and refusing to sit still.

They may also have physical anxiety symptoms such as vomiting. If your pet gets car sick or seems emotionally distraught, then CBD is a natural solution for helping them to feel better.

Does CBD Make Dogs Calm?

giving dog cbd oil

Many pet owners find that using CBD is better compared to other methods for helping animals to calm down. Prescription sedatives can often have unwanted side effects such as putting an animal to sleep.

The thought of having your dog sleep through a plane ride might sound nice, except for the fact that you might find yourself having to carry a large pet while also trying to manoeuvre your luggage if they don’t wake up in time.

CBD for pets can help calm them down without knocking them out. Your dog or cat will still be alert enough to eat, drink and walk safely. They’ll just have a calmer mind-set that helps them adjust to their new environment.

How Long Does It Take for CBD Oil to Calm a Dog?

CBD oil is fast and effective. However, it does take some time to pass through your dog’s digestive system and for the cannabinoids make it to their brain. CBD oil is typically faster than other edible products. You should notice the oil taking effect within about 20 to 30 minutes after you place the drops under their tongue.

If you choose to put the oil on their food or in a treat, then it can take slightly longer. With this method, you might notice your dog is calmer with around 45 minutes to an hour and a half.If you are worried about how your dog will react just during the car ride to the airport or once you arrive, then you might want to deliver the CBD to their system with enough time for it to start working.

The effects can last for hours, but it is also okay to give your dog another dose later if you feel they need more or you have a lengthy trip planned.

Will CBD Oil Calm My Puppy Down?

It helps to understand a little bit of the science behind why CBD oil can help to calm your puppy down. All mammals have endocannabinoid receptors in their body that respond to CBD. Unlike some products that are derived from the cannabis plant, CBD won’t get you or your pet high. This is because quality CBD products for animals don’t contain high levels of THC.

Instead, you’ll notice that your dog or cat simply has a more relaxed demeanour that helps to make your trip more enjoyable.

Check to Find Out Which Airlines Allow Pets

pet friendly travel

Flying with your pet helps you to get anywhere in the world, and even flying shorter distances can be preferable compared to a car since your dog will be confined for less time.

You will want to do some research regarding your airline options to make sure that they are pet-friendly. There are several airlines that are known for being the best at helping people with pets travel.

For instance, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is a very pet-friendly airline, and they will typically allow you to bring small dogs and cats into the cabin with you. Also, some airports can be considered pet-friendly, and there is an indoor service animal and pet relief area in O’Hare International Airport.

Research the Requirements for Travelling with Pets

You will also want to make sure that your dog or cat breed and size is allowed. Some airlines forbid breeds that are known for aggression from getting on board. Others may recommend finding an alternate form of transportation for breeds that struggle at high altitude.

Bulldogs, pugs and other breeds with short snouts might experience respiratory problems during flight. Many US and other international airlines also list specifications regarding the size of dogs and their carriers that are allowed.

Remember to Enjoy the Ride

Once you’ve picked your airline, ordered your tickets and picked up some CBD oil, the best travelling advice is to just relax and enjoy the ride. Your pet looks to cues from you to determine how they respond to situations. If you look calm, then they’ll be more likely to follow suit.

Taking your pet on your adventures gives you a whole new way to strengthen your bond. Dogs and cats love exploring new environments, and there’s no better way to know that they are safe than to have them by your side.

While travelling with your pet may require some extra prep to keep them calm, you’ll find it all worth it once you take off on your adventure. Once you’ve packed their food, toys and other special items, make sure to tuck some CBD oil into your carry-on so that you have a handy way to soothe your beloved pet.


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