5 top CBD products you are going to want to try!

With the flow of new CBD products hitting the market each day, it can be hard to choose which ones to try, especially if you are new to the world of CBD. I am writing this article to help you make the right decision for yourself! We will be looking at (in my option) the 5 top CBD products!

What is CBD?

Before we look at the products, I will do what I always do; explain what CBD is for those who aren’t quite sure.

To put it in the most basic terms, CBD, also referred to as Cannabidiol, is a cannabinoid found in both the Cannabis and Hemp plant. This cannabinoid is non-psychoactive, meaning it will not result in a high. Many people are aware of the healing properties provided by THC, the only psychoactive cannabinoid.

It has come to the attention of scientists that CBD also holds many of the same benefits as THC, only without the (sometimes) unwanted high. This makes Cannabidiol an effective alternative for those looking to gain the benefits without dealing with the high.

It is also important to note that CBD is legal almost everywhere, unlike THC. As more time goes on, there will be more studies conducted on Cannabidiol and we will be able to extend our applications of this pleasantly helpful cannabinoid!

Alright -let’s look at my 5 top CBD products that I use and why you might want to use them, too!

#1 – Oil/Drops

Possibly the most commonly used product; CBD oil/drops! I can’t go a day without using my drops. I use a mixture of both full-spectrum and isolate drops, depending on the day.

I usually go for 10-15% drops as I get a lot more out of my doses. I supplement them each day and take much higher quantities when I require some extra assistance for sleeping.

I also deal with a lot of back pain due to scoliosis, so I always make sure to double up on doses when I am experiencing more pain than usual.

CBD drops are the easiest way to supplement CBD, right next to powder and capsules. They usually come in a variety of strengths, meaning you can get a pretty precise dose, making supplementing easier!

#2 – Cream/Balm

As someone who suffers from seasonal eczema, I can’t live without my CBD balm!

Cannabidiol is a powerful anti-inflammatory which makes it great for skin conditions or simple skin irritation/discomfort. I will say to those looking to use cream/balm for a medical skin condition- make sure you consider the rest of the ingredients list! Just because it has CBD in it does not mean it is good for your skin!

I have been using it for years and I always see new creams popping up in CBD shops with super harmful ingredients. What is the point of putting something as beneficial as CBD in your product just to ruin the potential of the cream with other toxic ingredients?

Just make sure you always check the rest of the label before purchasing a new CBD balm.

#3 – Herb/Flower

Perhaps one of my favourite products to use, CBD herb! Essentially, it is exactly the same as weed only without the cannabinoid THC, which I mentioned above.

It looks, burns, tastes, and smells just like traditional Cannabis only you don’t get high! Nowadays, you can even find CBD hash… Crazy, right?

Thanks to the art of breeding in/out cannabinoids, CBD herb has been made possible! If you are looking to cut down on your Cannabis use but love the activity of smoking it, then this is the perfect product for you to try.

Some companies sell higher-quality CBD herb/flower than others. If you are used to ‘top-shelf’ buds, then I would recommend taking your time with finding a vendor that carries the quality you are looking to replace. Be patient and don’t give up. You will find your dream herb with some time- I promise!

#4 – Chocolate/Tea

Perhaps the most delicious products, besides the herb… Tea, chocolate, and other foods! Out of my top CBD products list, CBD Food and Drinks are going to be easier to find at supermarkets if you live in the right area!

What better way to incorporate Cannabidiol into your daily routine than swapping your regular tea or chocolate? I don’t know about you, but chocolate and tea are everyday must-haves in my house! I love mixing it up for CBD teas, chocolates, and other treats. It is a delicious way to add some extra nutritional value and benefits to things you already enjoy!

#5 – Powder

Purchasing powder leaves you open to so many possibilities! Pure extracts in the form of powder can be used in so many ways, including making your own CBD products! Powder can be added to smoothies and lots of other drinks! If you are looking for a product to aid a medical condition, then powder may be best for you.

It is super potent as it is pure extracts of CBD, meaning it is great for dosing accurately. You can even buy some capsules and make your exact desired dosage!

I like to make a variety of capsules with different strengths. That way I can up and down my dose as I need. I have even made my own oil using powder! The only limits are your imagination!


Final Thoughts

When it comes to treating your mind and body with natural remedies, I always suggest doing your research on the company before supporting them.

The sad reality is that (statistically) most CBD companies sell lower quantities/quality of CBD than they advertise. This completely ruins things for the companies that are honest about their products!

We can only hope that this information surfacing will make authorities crack down on regulation checks as there is little to none at the moment. That being said, make sure the company you are supporting has the client in mind more than the profit…

Always make sure you are asking a company about their extraction process as some are a lot less pure than others. Try to go for organic CBD whenever possible to ensure you are giving your body the highest quality products you can!

CBD has so many benefit for the mind and body. Thanks to the saturation of variety, nearly anyone can find simple ways to incorporate it into their daily routine!

I hope to have been of assistance by providing my 5 top CBD products that I think you need to try!


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