Staying hydrated with drinking CBD tea

It is important to stay hydrated when high – and in general life. Smoking cannabis leads to high tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) levels, which attach themselves to saliva glands in the mouth. Because THC is one of the primary compounds in cannabis, its presence can slow down saliva production and produce a dry-feeling mouth and a dehydrated feeling.

The benefits of staying hydrated while high are well known and can avoid headaches, an uncomfortable dry mouth, and other undesired side effects. To help you do so, this article will talk about staying hydrated with drinking CBD tea.

What is CBD?

First, a short chemistry lesson! Cannabidiol, or CBD for short, is a compound contained in the cannabis sativa plant, AKA hemp. A type of phytochemical appears in different concentrations depending on the type of cannabis plant.

CBD can be extracted from cannabis, however, it is most commonly extracted from hemp due to the fact that CBD levels are often much higher in hemp. Worldwide it is consumed in various formats such as balms, juices, and teas.

It is also important to note that while THC gets you high, CBD does not as it is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid. This means you can have as much CBD as you wish and it will never result in a high!

The importance of staying hydrated

Staying hydrated is important in general life, but especially so when high. Although the dehydrating effects of cannabis are a debated topic among scientists, dry mouth certainly appears to be a side effect for many people.

Whether using marijuana recreationally or for medicinal purposes, some signs may contribute to feelings of thirst and some dehydration. Whether this is an actual sign of dehydration or a side effect of cannabis is debated. However, feelings of dizziness, disorientation, tiredness or darker-coloured urine indicate that you are dehydrated.

The so-called ‘cannabis hangover’ can also contribute to feeling dehydrated the day after consuming marijuana. This can cause feelings of a dry mouth, red eyes, a lack of alertness, and a generally lethargic feeling.

In short, whether these feelings that people experience after consuming cannabis are actual feelings of dehydration or simply side effects of cannabis, the feeling can be unpleasant. Staying hydrated is an important aspect of a healthy lifestyle, whether or not you consume cannabis. So, staying hydrated with drinking CBD tea is always a good idea.

Staying Hydrated

The benefits of staying hydrated

The effects of cannabis and dehydration are a matter for scientific experts to continue debating! What is certain is that keeping fluid levels maintained is always a good idea.

According to the American Medical Association, not enough Americans take in enough fluids every day. So acute is this problem that up to three-quarters of Americans are likely to be chronically dehydrated every day, whether or not they see the visible symptoms to make them aware.

Being in this perpetual state of dehydration can lead to thicker blood and an increased risk of clotting, as well as numerous other health risks. For regular consumers of cannabis, whether as a direct result of cannabis or other factors, taking in more fluids is a healthy choice. In general life, the human body naturally consumes fluids to function well – to function fluidly!

By taking in more fluids in general and by drinking CBD tea, you can achieve the following health benefits:

  • Increased cardiovascular health and circulation. This increases energy levels, general health of the heart, alertness and brain aptitude for optimal performance during the day.
  • Optimize the functioning of joints and the muscular system to increase physical performance!
  • Leave your body feeling cleansed!
  • Help to relieve chronic muscular and joint pains such as back knots or knee joint aches.
  • Enhanced operation of the nervous system.
  • Lower anxiety, stress and a general feeling of vibrancy/energy.
  • Reduced impact of uncomfortable skin conditions such as acne.
CBD oil in Tea

How CBD tea can help

As we have seen, getting into the habit of consuming more fluids is a healthy decision for cannabis users and 75% of American citizens in general. While water is the obvious choice, alternatives such as CBD tea are a great way of rehydrating your body in a delicious and non-damaging way!

CBD is of increasing interest to the scientific and nutrition community for the health properties it demonstrates.

In addition to the rehydration naturally provides, there is growing evidence that CBD has a heap of general health benefits. These include aiding digestion and contributing to mental sharpness/alertness.

Drinking CBD tea is also a useful way of building more fluid intake into daily routines. While drinking water all day can be something of a chore for some people, drinking hot drinks can be a lot more enjoyable and can slot into work or social commitments more easily. Even out at a bar or cafe, you can simply drop a little CBD oil into your tea and enjoy it rehydration normally.

Another great benefit of drinking CBD tea is that it does not contain any THC. This means that users do not experience being high and can simply add it to tea or coffee bought from anywhere. Not everyone wishes to get high, making CBD tea a great option for a healthy and delicious beverage!


In short, staying well hydrated can have several benefits to general health and wellbeing, whether you consume cannabis or not. Drinking CBD tea is a great way of drinking a hydrating fluid in work and social environments.

Whether to improve cognitive performance for enhanced operation at work, or to achieve more general health benefits such as cardiovascular fitness… CBD tea has got your back!

Whatever the effects or otherwise on hydration levels from consuming cannabis, maintaining a good hydration level is essential for a healthy lifestyle and a general feeling of wellbeing. This is essential to an effective daily routine and drinking CBD tea is a great way of building it. Let this be a sign to get up and drink some CBD tea!

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