How to pick the right cannabis seeds for you


Do you know how to pick the right cannabis seeds for you? Cannabis is a diverse plant with varieties of different seeds, each with its specific characteristics. A lot of the time, you can check the seed packaging for a description and further information. But it helps to categorize this information, so it makes sense. That’s what this post will do by explaining how to pick the right cannabis seeds for you.


Understanding the difference between CBD and THC is crucial for knowing how to pick the right cannabis seeds for you. CBD stands for cannabidiol, and THC stands for tetrahydrocannabinol. Both are plant cannabinoids that mimic the endogenous cannabinoids of our brains and bodies. Although there are many more cannabinoids to cannabis, these two are the primary compounds that people grow cannabis for.

CBD is technically psychoactive, but you won’t feel any immediate effects like you do with THC. CBD works in the background as an anti-inflammatory and, in higher doses, counters anxiety. THC produces the stereotypical “stoned” effect, although there are many different types of relief one can get.

  • Pro: You can consume CBD wherever you go, any time of day, without feeling impaired.
  • Con: While it helps for chronic pain, CBD treatment alone isn’t enough
  • Pro: THC-dominant cannabis is an excellent painkiller
  • Con: THC produces side effects that some find unpleasant

Cannabis vs. Hemp

The second thing about knowing how to pick the right cannabis seeds is understanding the differences between hemp and cannabis or “marijuana.” Technically they’re the same plant genus. Hemp doesn’t have enough THC in it to create a noticeable psychoactive effect. So if you want to stay away from feeling stoned, hemp seeds are the ones for you.

We recommend cannabis seeds if you want the psychoactive effect. Or if you’re after a full-spectrum experience that incorporates all the plants’ cannabinoids (not just the big two: CBD and THC).

There are, of course, pros and cons of both.

  • Pro: Hemp is legal almost everywhere. Check your country’s legal status as laws are updated all the time. But most places will let you grow hemp like any other plant for personal use.
  • Con: There isn’t enough THC in hemp for a psychoactive effect.
  • Pro: Cannabis provides a full spectrum of cannabinoids you can’t get from hemp alone.
  • Con: Cannabis is illegal in most places.

Male vs. Female

You won’t know how to pick the right cannabis seeds if you don’t understand the difference between male and female plants. Cannabis plants aren’t unisex. Males don’t produce buds, the part of the plant people regularly consume. Females produce buds but not if male plants have pollinated them. Pollination equals seeds.

Unfortunately, looking at it, you can’t tell if a cannabis seed is male or female. All cannabis seeds should be brown with streaks of grey. They should feel firm and have a shiny gloss to them. Seeds that are green, squishy or crack like a peanut are no good.

You can buy seeds guaranteed to be female, called feminized seeds. So long as you take care of the plant, she’ll provide you with buds. If you use “regular” cannabis seed, check out the plant’s nodes as it matures. Checking plant nodes is a rudimentary but effective way to tell males from females. And it’s crucially important to check. You don’t want a grow room with male plants bursting their pollen sacs all over your ladies.

Key takeaway: Take the guesswork out of growing and buy feminized seeds.

Sativa vs. Indica

If you decide to go the THC route, understanding the different cannabis strains will go a long way in how we help you pick the right cannabis seeds. There are two primary groups: sativa and indica. Sativas make you feel like you’ve had a shot of caffeine, whereas indicas make you feel sleepy or relaxed. An easy way to remember is that an indica will give you an “in-da-couch” feeling.

These mental effects are unique to THC-dominant cannabis, but they still matter even if you’re buying CBD seeds. Cannabis sativa and cannabis indica are two species of cannabis and grow differently. Sativas are skinny, tall, light green and overall slimmer than indicas. Indica plants are short and stalky; they have broad bushy leaves that are dark green.

  • Pro: Indica plants are resin heavy and suitable for extracting plant oil for edibles and drops
  • Con: Indica plants are more prone to mould and bud rot
  • Pro: Sativa plants can grow tall and produce vast yields
  • Con: Sativa plants don’t grow as fast as indicas, and they’re harder to grow indoors

Indoor vs Outdoor

marijuana growing in pots

Speaking of indoors, where you grow matters a lot when learning how to pick the right cannabis seeds. What’s the difference between cannabis seeds meant for outdoor growing versus indoor growing? What about indoor greenhouses versus outdoor greenhouses? Are you growing in soil or using a hydroponic system?

Questions like this can discourage one from even trying. But it’s more straightforward than it sounds.

For first-timers, we suggest a small indoor grow tent (assuming it’s legal where you are). These are easy to set up and often include everything you need (except for seeds, soil, and water). You can buy these grow tents from any number of companies.

As for how to pick the right cannabis seeds for you… It’s better to think of it in terms of climate. Are you growing outside in a northern environment where the summers are cooler? Maybe you’re in a warmer climate, with more sun year-round? Perhaps you’re in a cold environment, but you’ve got an indoor set-up that mimics warmer weather.

If this is all new to you, we suggest you break it down into a few steps.

  • Step one: Find the right cannabis seeds for your ailment (See section below)
  • Step two: Decide if you’ll grow indoor or outdoor based on what the seed package description recommends.
  • Step three: If you’re in a cool climate and the seeds of your preferred strain recommend a sunny environment, you’ll have to grow indoors. Decide on a tent or some other legal set-up you feel comfortable with.
  • Step four: Begin growing. Consult online forums and sites like Reddit for tips and tricks.

How to pick the right cannabis seeds for sleep

fox sleeping

If you’re consuming cannabis or hemp for sleep, we recommend anything with the name “Kush” or “OG Kush” in it. These names are given to strains that make you feel like a weighted blanket has wrapped around you.

When you pick the right cannabis seeds for sleep, you’ll yield a cannabis plant that is heavy in resin. Resin can be extracted and processed to make items like herbals for tea or powders for food and drinks.

Cannabis strains from Afghanistan or Thailand are known for being relaxing without making you non-functional. Look for seeds bearing the name “Northern Lights,” for example.

Cannatonic is the name of a strain-high CBD. It’s good for sleep and without side effects.

How to pick the right cannabis seeds for pain

Treating sleeping disorders with CBD

Hybrid seeds that are half indica and half sativa. They give you the painkilling effects of an indica but without weighing you down. The sativa portion of the strain ensures you stay focused and motivated.

In this category, Blue Dream is the undisputed winner. A 60/40 blend that is sativa-dominant, growing from this seed ensures you can mitigate your pain without sacrificing taste, aroma or mental functionality.

How to pick the right cannabis seeds for anxiety

calm lake

THC doesn’t always help everyone with anxiety. Sometimes THC can make anxiety worse. So seeds highlighting their high CBD content is the way to go here. CBD is proven to help with anxiety and depression.

Look for cannabis seeds called Jack Herer, Charlotte’s Web, Canna-Tsu, or ACDC.

In Summary

Please don’t take our word for it! There are plenty of new strains out there to try. If you put a lot of hours into this hobby, you can learn how to make your own cannabis seeds! Until then, we hope we’ve helped you decide how to pick the right cannabis seeds for you. The entire process can seem a bit overwhelming at first. But, once you break it down, it’s no different than choosing which vegetable you want to plant in your garden.


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