Is your pet actually happy?

Although we still do not know what we did to deserve such loving creatures (dogs and cats), we can at least show them our gratitude by giving them the love and affection they need.

When you own a dog/cat, you must understand the responsibility of it. These animals are sentient beings, meaning they hold awareness and a high emotional/intelligence compacity.

Many of us can agree that our pets bring us an abundance of joy, but do return the same amount of happiness back to them?

In this article, we will be focusing on cats and dogs as examples, and how to tell if they are actually happy. Unfortunately, they do not obtain the skill of speech, like us humans. That being said, it is up to us to notice the signals they show us.

Let’s look at what is happiness and how to tell if your pet hosts it.

What is happiness?

grumpy cat
I was happy once, it was terrible. RIP Grumpy Cat

Happiness is a positive state of mind. This is an overpowering emotion that humans are constantly chasing. However, it is not only humans that enjoy this state. It is safe to assume that happiness is the preferred state of all sentient beings.

Happiness can be felt when you feel when you are mid-laugh attack, or when you are in front of the TV, watching your favourite show and eating your favourite food…

We all have our own specifications that create our unique ‘happy places’. Humans are much more complex in this sense as we are not as easily persuaded to happiness. Pets, on the other hand, are a lot more easy to please. The truth is it is actually quite simple to ensure your pet is living a happy and healthy life.

Most cats and dogs need very basic things from their owners in order to thrive. Before we get into that, let’s look at the warning signs that your pet(s) could be trying to give you that indicates they aren’t actually that happy.

Signs that your dog/cat is unhappy

Activity levels

fluffy cockapoo running wild

Animals are meant to be active, it is in their nature. If your pet is down in the slums, you may find them being abnormally inactive.

Of course, animals are known to sleep more than humans, but it is pretty clear to see if your pet isn’t as active as it should be.

By analysing their activity levels, you will be able to notice when they go through sad periods of sadness if their activity seems to go up and down.


sad dog

If your dog no longer gets excited about the simple things in life, such as walks, car rides, treats, etc, then you may have a sad dog on your hands.

The same goes if your cat never wants to play with you anymore and would rather lay around than chase what used to be their favourite toy mouse!

If your pet has started to lose enthusiasm for life, it is time to step in and help them get back on track and enjoy the carefree and exciting life of an animal!

Change in eating habits

guinea pigs eating carrot

You tell if something is wrong with the physical health of your fur baby by a change in eating habits. However, this can also indicate there is something wrong with your pets mental state.

When your cat or dog has a drastic change in its eating rituals, look at it as a red flag. If you go to see a vet and there is nothing physically wrong with them, then you can look at this as a cry for help from your pet.

Signs that your dog/cat is happy can be seen if they are displaying the opposite of the points/behaviours above.

How to make your pet happy

None of us enjoys seeing our dogs/cats suffer, whether that be mentally or physically.

When you feel sad or upset, you can call a friend or a family member to vent and get your spirits up. Sadly, animals do not have this choice which is why it is important you are here for them!

Here are a few tips you can use to cheer up your animal(s).

Encourage them

encourage dog

When your pet is acting unenthusiastic about life, you need to encourage them.

Let’s say your dog doesn’t want to go on a walk (which he/she used to go crazy over). You will need to take matters into your own hands and find a way to get your dog excited about walks again.

Entourage them in whatever way works… Jump around, using excited tones of voice, offer a treat, constantly cheer them on/reward them whilst they are out and walking… whatever it takes!

Bring the excitement back into their daily activities if they cannot do it themselves.

Give them affection

cuddling cat

Many pets suffer from loneliness. Most cats/dogs are left alone for 8+ hours a day, 5 or more days a week while their caretakers are at work.

If this is what your pet’s schedule looks like, they are very vulnerable to loneliness. Although cats do not show it the same way dogs do, cats can get lonely, as well.

When you are home, spend quality time with them away from your phone or TV. Make eye contact with them, talk to them, pet them, include them, care for them. Making an animal feel important, special, and needed can completely turn your pets life around.

Go the extra mile

dog with swag

Whether that be going a literal extra mile during a walk or taking a few extra minutes to add nutritional things to their dinner, do more than the bare minimum!

Just as you would for yourself, your friends and/or family, put in a little extra effort for your pets as it will go a long way. It doesn’t take much to give them extra attention and it never goes unnoticed.

Treat your animal how they deserve to be treated! When you can, go for a second walk that day. When you can, buy the better quality food. When you can, stop what you are doing and give them affection.

CBD for animals

One great way to raise your pets with that additional love and effort we were just talking about is by giving them CBD.

Just like humans, dogs, cats, and many other mammals have an endocannabinoid system that allows them to receive cannabinoids into their system and feel the effects.

CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that is safe for animals (with the right extraction methods) and offers them many benefits!

cat cbd

A few of those being, but are not limited to:

  • Decreased stress
  • Joint protection
  • Brain health
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Higher quality sleep/rest
  • Speedy recover time from injuries

These are a few benefits your animal can expect when you give them CBD.

As we learn more about this cannabinoid and how it works with the endocannabinoid system, we can continue to grow this list! I don’t know about you, but giving your pet CBD, which helps with brain and physical health, is a simple way to drastically improve the life of your pet(s)!

Not to mention, CBD holds no known negative side effects, meaning it is a risk-free supplement for your furry friends.

Closing thoughts:

Our animals are there for us, seeing us at our best and at our worst. As owners, it is our responsibility to take care of them the best we can.

Animals are like babies that never really grow up and will need our love and care until the day they die. We owe it to them to provide a life full of happiness and comfort whenever we possibly can.

cute corgi

Since they can’t talk, we cannot thank them with our words… Therefore, we must thank them with our actions.


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