Lose weight with CBD

Yes, You Can (Maybe!) Lose Weight With CBD

Weight loss is a complex topic to talk discuss and even more of a drama to live with. Only people that have gone through it will understand what it’s like to feel the loss of control with one’s body.

There’s a disconnection that takes place in people that have a weight problem that goes far beyond “calories in, calories out” or “eat less and move more”.

While those ideas are definitely valuable, there are emotional issues behind negative eating patterns that can make a person gain weight. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a chemical found in the cannabis plant that can help with mood, which might be useful for some people on their weight loss journey. This article will show you how.

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CBD can make a person feel better

CBD has been used throughout the centuries to treat many medical conditions. Along with all the other compounds, CBD is the main medicinal component found in the leaves and flowers and is often used to help relieve pain, inflammation and the symptoms of many diseases.

CBD is relatively safer when compared to most medications, and has an effect on the brain through its interaction with the endocannabinoid system. Specifically, it produces a neurochemical effect that can produce feelings of calm and wellbeing.

The idea of “feeling better” is a theme here because many overweight people overeat foods that have a high combination of fat and sugar. The overwhelming majority of people on earth love these foods – among them ice cream, cakes, cookies, etc. because of the calming and/or “happy” chemicals released by the brain when they eat them.

It could be said then that overweight people don’t actually crave sugary fattening foods but the serotonin and dopamine produced when they eat them.

Being overweight is a complex condition!

Green Cuisine is not a weight loss consultancy or medical clinic, however we have heard some amazing stories from people using our products (like when founder Ash gave some CBD oil to a friend with epilepsy – read the story here).

Having said that we don’t want to mislead anyone into thinking that taking a ton of our CBD oil is going to make them lose weight.

What CBD can do is make a person feel better while they address the root cause of their issue. Being overweight is a complex condition that has many causes and the solution will come from within. No crazy diets, pills or magic potions (even if they contain CBD!) are going to make a person magically lose weight.

When it comes to losing weight, start with the basics

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People often overcomplicated their problems when they throw a bunch of theories and “science” at them. Humans may be one of the most intelligent species on earth, but our needs are still quite basic.

Since people overeat to compensate for dopamine and serotonin in the brain, stress could be at the root of their problem. In that sense, it might be worth exploring any foundational basics lacking in your life.

Here are some factors to consider:

1. Are your basic needs being met?

Basic needs are fundamental to establishing a foundation on which we can grow and thrive. Some important questions to ask are:

Are you getting enough quality food? Is your neighbourhood safe? Are you surrounded by friends and family that care about you?

A building with a shaky foundation can topple over. In that sense, it’s very important to start working on the above issues with a counselor or loved one to ensure you have a solid base on which to grow. This will minimize stress and increase happiness immensely.

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2. Are you doing meaningful work?

All jobs are problematic – even “dream” jobs. But nothing sucks the soul out of a person like a job they “hate”.

Having said that, we’re not career counselors however have seen a lot of people transition from unmeaningful problematic work through taking small steps in upgrading their education. An appointment with an employment counselor can really help here.

3. Are you filling your brain with “junk”?

The best of us have consumed junk food in front of the TV or at the movies. Watching these programs spikes serotonin and dopamine along with the sugary/fatty snack foods people consume while watching them. Try some fitness podcasts instead to fill your brain with positivity.

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Use CBD to transition to a better lifestyle

So far we’ve outlined how neurochemistry is drastically affected by food and that the root cause of being overweight might stem from a lack of dopamine.

Eating high calorie foods high in fat and sugar will make a person gain weight eventually (even the “high metabolism types”). In that sense, it should be understood that those foods are filling a neurochemical void that is best filled in other ways.

CBD products help the body produce dopamine through their work on the cannabinoid receptors. They are not a permanent solution, but as you change bad habits to healthier ones they can help during the transitory phase.

And remember, you aren’t a “fat person”. You are someone that is carrying some extra fat that can be released once everything in life gets balanced. Good luck and enjoy the journey!