CBD Powder Information

Green Cuisine CBD powders fuse the power of cannabidiol (CBD) with the versatility of a powder that can be used in many different ways.
CBD powder can be added to food or in topical preparations for use on the skin. Whether it’s added to hot cereal or smoothies or used in salad dressing and sauces, CBD powder can be used in the kitchen in many ways throughout the day.
When added to a moisturizing cream or body oil, CBD powder can also be used topically on muscle sprains and strains for an overall pain-relieving and soothing effect. The possibilities are seemingly endless!
As one of the primary medical chemicals in cannabis, CBD is now widely accepted by medical professionals and scientific researchers as a viable method of treatment. Its popularity continues to grow among people of all ages as a way to treat the symptoms of a variety of conditions that include inflammation, chronic pain, epilepsy, depression, multiple sclerosis, and many more.

CBD works to address symptoms to bring about relief through its effect on the endocannabinoid system. It helps to promote an increase in cannabinoid production through its action on fatty acid amide hydrolase – an enzyme that breaks down natural endocannabinoids.
CBD also has effects on the production of GABA, an important neurotransmitter that is associated with relaxation. Research suggests that GABA dysfunction is related to many conditions that can include insomnia, digestive problems and immune system weakness.
Another effect of CBD is its effect on the TRPV1 or Vanilloid receptor. Studies have shown that CBD’s effect on this receptor can mediate pain sensations and bring relief for many issues that include muscle sprains, strains and headaches.

Green Cuisine powders are created using CBD that is extracted using a clean CO2 extraction process that minimizes pesticides, solvent residues, microbials, herbicides, glyphosate, chlorophyll and other toxic chemicals. Versatile and easy to use, our powders are a convenient way to integrate CBD into your daily lifestyle.
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