Green Cuisine Team

Green Cuisine was formed in 2016 in the UK with Ash making a single pot of tincture. frustrated by the lack of effective CBD products (which are also often massively overpriced), he dreamed of a world where people could benefit from the positive effects of CBD at an affordable price. He decided to develop a new range that actually worked  and after years of hard work has expanded his company, refined his products and spread his brand- always in keeping with the ideology that drove him to start this ethically sourced, hands on CBD enterprise.

Introducing: The Green Cuisine Team

Each member of the team has brought their own unique set of skills to the table and has helped to develop Green Cuisine into what it is today.


Ash is an ethical entrepreneur and passionate activist, whose own positive experiences with CBD fuelled his desire to share its benefits with others.

 In 2015, his then girlfriend was diagnosed with epilepsy and was having multiple seizures every day. After suffering terribly from the side effects of her prescribed medication (Keppra and Lamictal) and at her wits’ end, she tried CBD oil on the recommendation of a friend. It had an immediate effect, drastically reducing her seizures from the first dose. Through a process of trial and error, she and Ash managed to find the correct dosage and developed their own oil, which is the inspiration behind the product Green Cuisine sells today. She has now been seizure free for one year and is no longer taking the medication she was prescribed. Ash has also suffered from psoriasis for the past eight years, a skin condition which leaves sufferers with large scabs covering various parts of their body. From research into CBD for his girlfriend’s epilepsy, they learnt of its anti-inflammatory properties and tried it on his skin with astonishing results – Ash’s psoriasis has now virtually disappeared – leading to them formulating the balm offered by Green Cuisine today. He is proud to be part of Green Cuisine; he believes in honest business and is happy to talk to anybody who wants advice and support before committing to a treatment.


Meg is our multi talented general manager. She makes sure things run smoothly on a day to day basis. 

Meg continues to apply her bubbly positive outlook in life to all of the challenges that she faces, by night she is a musician but during the day she can mainly be found overseeing fulfillment and operations, answering customer emails or brainstorming development plans. Meg has a true belief in the benefits of CBD and what it can offer the world, she has a vast knowledge of CBD and its uses and is the main point of contact when clients are seeking advice .


Carmen is the assistant and administrator for Green Cuisine CBD who has both an attention to detail and a creative flair.

 Her organizational skills help the team come together and follow a steady direction. When many people have ideas it can often get confusing, luckily Carmen can make sure that things stay on track and nothing gets too messy!