Why you should drink CBD tea every day!

Your new Cup of Tea, believe me!

Tea is something people seem to either love or hate. If you are an individual that hates tea, this article may not be for you… However, for those tea lovers out there, let’s talk tea, shall we? There are so many different teas available in various flavours. Warm or hot tea, each tea hosts it’s own health benefits.

Need some more energy? Tea. Need to wind down at the end of a busy day? Tea. Have a cold? Tea. Feeling Nauseous? Tea. Stressed? You guess it-tea! The great thing is there seems to be a tea for everything! The bad thing is the amount of low-quality tea on the market that is loaded with sugars, artificial flavouring, and additives. If you are drinking tea for the health benefits, then what is the point if your tea is full of harmful ingredients that you should be avoiding?

Choosing the right tea for your needs can be difficult if you are focused on the health side of things. But, have you ever considered amplifying the health benefits of your cup of beloved tea? An effective way to boost your teas health properties is by having CBD in it!

We are going to look at the benefits of CBD tea and why you might want to add it to your collection of teas!

What is CBD?

First and foremost, I will briefly explain what CBD is before we get started in case there is anyone reading this that is new to the world of CBD! Essentially, CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is one of 113 cannabinoids that can be found in the cannabis or hemp plant. Higher contents of CBD are often found in hemp. Because of this, CBD is most commonly extracted from hemp rather than traditional cannabis. I know what you are thinking…. ‘Cannabis?! Does that mean that I will get high if I take CBD?’. The answer is no! CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid, meaning you can have as much as you please and you will not get high.

What is CBD?

Humans have over 800 cannabinoid receptors, covering most of our brain and bodies. When we take CBD, it interacts with our cannabinoid receptors and can provide huge benefits to the mind and body, specifically when we take it daily. Now that you are a bit more familiar on CBD, let’s move onto CBD tea and some more specific benefits you can reap from introducing it into your daily routine.

Why CBD Tea?

CBD tea can be superior in many ways. Since CBD comes from a plant, mixing it with natural and healthy products can do wonders for you. CBD is a great addition to any healthy tea, hot or cold. However, when CBD is mixed with high volumes of temperature, the structure can change. For this reason, it is best to mix with cold or warm tea rather than hot tea.

But what is so good about CBD? The following list is some of the most common benefits of CBD.


cbd benefits

Aside from all of the health benefits above, CBD is a great supplement to take if you simply wish to increase your sense of wellbeing.

Tea is just one of the many simple ways to get your daily dose of CBD in, only it is a bit more tasty and exciting than taking traditional CBD drops! There are many different CBD teas on the market today. You can find CBD tea to help you wake up in the morning or relax before bed.

If you drink tea every day, you may want to swap your go-to tea for some tasty CBD tea! Everything we put into our bodies will either work for us or against us. We owe it to ourselves to honour our bodies. One way of honouring our bodies is by feeding it nurturing foods and drink. Delicious and nutritious-what more could you really ask for?

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