Shouldn't medical patients have access to more affordable CBD products?'

Some people supplement CBD for mild sleeping issues they would like to resolve. Some supplement CBD for more ‘serious’ issues such as epilepsy.

The founder of Green Cuisine CBD, Ash Clatworthy, didn’t start this business in 2016 as a way to invest his money into something in hopes to get a financial return. He started Green Cuisine CBD due to a chain of unfortunate events. In 2015, Ash and his girlfriend of the time came across a saddening realization. Ash’s girlfriend is diagnosed with epilepsy. 

Epilepsy is a neurological disorder that results in abnormal brain activity, causing seizures, loss of awareness or unusual general behaviour. Some cases are worse than others, of course. Ash’s girlfriend’s case of epilepsy sadly increased at an alarming rate. Soon, she was suffering from daily seizures. When one experiences a seizure, they are often left feeling extenuated, confused and in pain. The exhaustion, confusion and pain is just the surface of it. Having only one seizure can leave you with permanent brain damage, depending on how severe the seizure was, never mind having seizures daily. 

Ash and his girlfriend had to act quickly as the diagnoses become life-changing. With Ash having to see his girlfriend in such pain, he jumped to the internet for information and began researching epilepsy and how to treat it. During his frantic research, he eventually came across ‘CBD Oil’. It sounded like the exact thing worth trying as the medication provided by the doctors seemed to be causing more damage than good. 

After some more research into treating her with CBD, they realized that they simply did not have enough money during the time of these events to medicate her with the correct dosage of CBD oil that is suitable for epilepsy. This setback pushed Ash to look further. He looked into how to make CBD oil himself. After a few too many Google searches, he immediately realized that making it himself would be his only option regarding treating his girlfriend’s epilepsy. More importantly – he learned how much more affordable it was to make it himself, which was crucial as they did not have the necessary funds during the time of these events.

CBD Experience

He thought to himself, ‘Why is the CBD market so expensive?’ and, ‘Shouldn’t medical patients have access to more affordable CBD products?’. These thoughts led to Ash, deciding to get into the CBD industry himself. He decided that he was going to source his own organic CBD and make his own products. He was going to pay people fair wages, price his products at reasonable prices, provide mostly recyclable packaging and more. Most importantly, he was going to provide a space online where others can purchase high-quality CBD that is affordable, organic and build a trusted brand.

That is where it all began. After developing a small brand and perfecting his first batch of CBD oil, Ash’s girlfriend began supplementing 15% CBD oil. Her seizures not only stopped, eventually she was able to prevent her seizures via the usage of CBD oil. It seemed too good to be true – but it was true, she really was seizure free!

Although Ash’s ex-girlfriend had a very difficult (to say the least) period at the beginning of her epilepsy experience, it opened up a whole new world for Ash and his place in the CBD industry. It may sound cliché, although it is right to say sometimes the best things come from the worst of situations. Sometimes it pours before the sun shines.

Today, Green Cuisine CBD can help people all over the globe through the assistance of CBD. We have a wide range of clients who have a diverse amount of reasons as to why they supplement CBD through our selection of products. We are now able to help others from countries all over the world, one CBD drop at a time.

Frequently Asked Questions

CBD is non-psychoactive so you do not ‘feel’ anything, it can help to relax you.

Yes. CBD oil has a number of positive benefits both physically and psychologically.

CBD interacts with our endocannabinoid system, resulting in a number of benefits.