CBD and Sports: 5 Reasons Why Athletes Use CBD

5 Reasons Why Athletes Use CBD

The usage of CBD in sports is increasing. CBD, or cannabidiol, is 1 of 113 cannabinoids found in the hemp and cannabis plant. It provides us with many benefits for the mind and body. Thanks to recent studies, CBD has been shown to hold many benefits that can be specifically helpful to athletes. Due to this, CBD is being commonly used in the sports world today.

It is important to note that CBD is non-psychoactive, while THC, the more well-known cannabinoid, holds psychoactive effects. This is why CBD is a great alternative for those wishing to reap the benefits without the ‘high’ that occurs when smoking/taking traditional cannabis. This makes it the perfect option for athletes in particular. Let’s look at a few key benefits one can gain from taking CBD and how it can help you inflate your athletic ability and/or career.

1. Improved Sleep & Relaxation

Perhaps one of the most commonly reported benefits; improved sleep and calmness. CBD is a great supplement to take to better your quality of sleep. Taken during the evening or before bed can significantly affect your sleep in a positive way. Most of us are aware that getting enough rest and quality sleep each night has a lot to do with our performance.

CBD is great for helping athletes feeling more rested and recovered, enhancing their performance during training and competing time. Rest and relaxation are key for any athlete’s mind and body.

Better sleep

2. Strengthens Immune System

One thing that not many individuals are aware of is the immune-boosting properties of CBD. It is important to prioritize the strength of your immune system as an athlete and CBD is an easy and effective way to do so. This will help your body be more resistant to infection, injury, stress, etc, keeping the body and organs in tip-top condition. A strong immune system will result in a high-functioning and healthy/happy athlete!

3. Reduces Inflammation

Reduces Inflammation

One thing many athletes deal with is reoccurring inflammation due to physical injury/strain. CBD hosts strong anti-inflammatory properties. In some cases, regular supplementation of CBD can also prevent inflammatory flares. This is a great way for any athlete to level up and push their bodies limits in a healthy way.

During training and competing, it is nearly inevitable to either injure yourself or strain your muscles at some point. CBD is an extremely effective way to prevent or heal achy muscles, joints, and tissue.

4. Reduces Stress & Anxiety

Before competitions, the mind and body often go through anxiety, stress, and tension. Not only can CBD help reduce these symptoms of stress/anxiety before competitions, but it can also reduce these symptoms during intensive training prior to competitions. When athletes are able to successfully minimize these negative feelings, training and competing becomes a lot easier, resulting in a more clear mind and deeper focus. When you can successfully dissolve these negative side-effects of intensive training/competing, your performance will increase in return.

5. Relieves Pain & Speeds Up Recovery

Humans have over 800 cannabinoid receptors across our brain and body. When we take CBD, it interacts with these cannabinoid receptors, making it a great aid for physical injury and/or pain across the entire body!

Studies have shown that CBD can reduce and sometimes cure chronic pain, meaning it is likely to help reduce sports-related pain whilst speeding up recovery time after an injury. As stated in a benefit above, taking CBD can also reduce inflammation in the body, making recovery faster and more tolerable.

Relieves Pain

Level-up your game!

The above benefits apply for most sports! CBD and sports is a duo you will want to indulge in if you are an athlete! The nice thing about CBD is there are many different types of products you can use. With the market expanding, consumers are left with a lot of choices. However, some of the more suited CBD products for athletes include but are not limited to CBD oil, capsules, balm, powder, tea, etc.

In 2018, the World Anti-Doping Agency removed CBD from their list of different prohibited substances for participating athletes. This happened due to the ever-increasing recognition of the many positive effects that CBD offers the human mind and body.

If you are an athlete and you are looking for a unique way to level-up your game and think the benefits above would align with you, then you may want to try CBD and see if it is right for you and your lifestyle. Of course, ensure that your sports agency allows the usage of CBD first. It never hurts to go green!

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