Galaxy Arise - CBD drink


Kickstart your day with Galaxy Arise. Awaken without the need for damaging ingredients.

We live busy, fast paced lives. The need to kick start our day is important, doing this in a healthy way is key. Whether you live a fast-paced life or you simply struggle to get yourself going in the morning, we believe this tea is for you. This natural remedy is the perfect addition to your morning routine. Enjoying our refreshing ‘Awake’ CBD tea is a great way to add a little sunshine into each day. If you are looking to experience a more alert approach to your day, or dissolve general brain fog, you are definitely going to want to try this!

Take a moment for yourself and fuel your body with the nutrients it desires and deserves. Your body does everything for you. Treat it with love and respect. After all of the thought and care that has gone into our special morning blend, we would like to share our ingredients list with you below.

We believe wellbeing should be a priority. Everything you put into your body, food or drink, will either work with or against your body. Every day we make the decision- we can either fuel our bodies with what it needs to thrive, or we can do the opposite with toxic foods/drinks. Wellness is a journey that shouldn’t be taken lightly. You only get one body and one soul. Push yourself to experience the healthiest and happiest life you possibly can.

Sugar-free – Vegan – Gluten-Free – Natural Ingredients – Recyclable packaging – Organic Hemp Extracts – Zero Additives – Healthy – Energizing – Delicious – Made With Love

Water with fruit juice (3%) infused with Vitamin C, CBD extract and natural sweetener. Pasteurized.

Natural mineral water, lemon juice from concentrate (3%), flavour: erythritol, natural flavours. Ascorbic acid, hemp plant extract (CBD) (34mg/100ml), concentrate (safflower, lemon), steviol glycosides. No THC.


One bottle, Six pack


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